February 15, 2024

People Also Ask


Google People Also Ask
Google People Also Ask

People Also Asked in an important feature in SEO. It helps you understand what your audience is looking for and what they are interested in. This is why we have been working hard to improve our People Also Ask tool. We are excited to announce that we have added new features to our People Also Ask tool. Our tool now provides Similar Questions, Detailed Answers, and Short Answers.

In this post, we will demonstrate how to use these features in the context of the "adidas shoes" query.

Generate Content That Resonates with Your Audience

Previously, our tool was adept at generating a comprehensive list of real-time questions people were asking on Google based on keywords, brands, or products. While this feature provided a solid foundation for understanding audience interests, we knew there was room for innovation. With the latest integration of AI, we've now expanded our capabilities to include Similar Questions, Detailed Answers, and Short Answers.

You can try out our interactive component below to see the new features in action 👇

  1. Who is number 1 Nike or Adidas?
  2. What is the Adidas logo mean?
  3. What are the weakness of Adidas?
  4. Do Americans prefer Nike or Adidas?
  5. Which is expensive Nike or Adidas?
  6. Are Adidas shoes high-quality?
  7. Did Nike buy Jordan?
  8. Which is the best shoe brand?
  9. What does Adidas mean in German?
  10. Is Adidas still popular?
  11. Is Adidas a luxury brand?
  12. Why are Adidas shoes so good?
  13. Why is Nike suing Adidas?
  14. Did Michael Jordan prefer Adidas?
  15. What is better Nike or Adidas?
  16. What does Nike stand for?
  17. Why does Adidas have two logos?
  18. What do the 3 stripes of Adidas mean?
  19. What does Adidas stand for?
  20. Who makes more Nike or Adidas?
  21. Is Adidas owned by Nike?
  22. Who is Adidas owned by?
  23. Which country owns Adidas?
  24. Who is the target audience for Adidas?
  25. Do athletes prefer Adidas or Nike?
  26. What is most popular Nike or Adidas?
  27. Is Puma owned by Adidas?
  28. Which is cheaper Nike or Adidas?
People Also Ask Google
People Also Ask Google

This is the list of the most frequently asked questions about "adidas shoes". Notice the depth of the list and the variety of questions. You can select any question from the list to see the similar questions, short answers, and detailed answers.

Similar questions:

When you choose a question from the list generated by our tool, kwrds.ai offers additional, related questions. This expansion into similar questions means you can explore various facets of a topic, uncovering a wider range of user interests and queries. It works well for content creators looking to cover a topic comprehensively or find unique angles that haven’t been extensively covered.

For example, here's a list of similar questions generated by our tool when you select "Is Adidas still popular?" from the list of questions above:

Similar Questions for "Is Adidas still popular?"

  1. What are the best websites for laptops for sale?
  2. Where can I find affordable laptops for sale online?
  3. How can I ensure I'm getting the best deal on laptops for sale?
  4. Are there any upcoming sales for laptops in leading tech stores?
  5. What to look for while buying a laptop on sale?
  6. Which laptop brands offer the best sales?
  7. What are the most reliable laptops to buy on sale?
  8. Can I find high performance laptops for sale?
  9. How often do laptops go on sale at major retailers?
  10. What is the best time of year to buy laptops on sale?
  11. Are refurbished laptops worth buying?
  12. How to compare different laptop deals?
  13. What are the top rated laptops on sale right now?
  14. What's the average price range for laptops on sale?
  15. Where can I find laptops for sale with fast delivery options?
  16. Are there specific sales for gaming laptops?
  17. Does buying a laptop on sale mean compromising on specifications?
  18. Which operating system should I prefer while buying a laptop on sale?
  19. What are options for student laptops on sale?
  20. Are there sales on laptops with large storage capacities?

This enables finding similar questions that are in the context of our "focus question". Now, let's see how to generate short and detailed answers.

Answering Capability

Our most notable addition is the AI-assisted answering feature. Depending on your needs, you can opt for either concise responses or in-depth explanations. This tool leverages advanced AI algorithms to craft answers that are not only tailored to the selected questions but also optimized for SEO. This feature significantly cuts down the time spent on research and content development, allowing you to produce accurate, relevant, and engaging content at a much faster pace.

Short Answers:

Short answers are perfect for creating a FAQ section or providing quick responses to user queries. They are concise, to-the-point, and ideal for addressing multiple questions in a single piece of content. Here's an example of a short answer generated by our tool for the question "Is Adidas still popular?":

Short Answer for "Is Adidas still popular?"

Yes, Adidas continues to be a popular brand, ranking as one of the top sportswear brands globally, with a brand value of approximately $16.48 billion in 2021. Their popularity is influenced by their constant innovation, collaborations with high-profile figures such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, and the appeal of their retro styles, which remain relevant in current fashion trends. Their ongoing marketing efforts, including their involvement in high-profile sports and cultural events, also maintain their status as a well-recognized brand.


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  2. "Adidas – Statistics & Facts" by Statista. URL: https://www.statista.com/topics/1243/adidas/
  3. "Why is Adidas so popular?" by ZeBrand. URL: https://zebranding.com/blog/why-is-adidas-so-popular

The short answer is a quick and effective way to address the question, providing a succinct overview of the topic. If you need more detailed information, you can opt for the detailed answer. You can also see the 12-month for the focus question, which should give you an idea of the interest in the topic over the past year.

Detailed Answer for "Is Adidas still popular?"

Adidas, despite facing intense competition, remains popular and influential in fashion and sports worldwide. As of its 2020 Annual Report, the corporation earned a net income of more than $500 million, indicating strong consumer demand and brand loyalty (source: "Annual Report 2020," adidas Group).

Adidas leads as one of the most reputable sportswear and casual wear brands, attracting a broad demographic of consumers, from athletes to fashion enthusiasts. The company's forward-thinking approach in incorporating innovative technologies into their products, such as Boost cushioning technology and Primeknit upper for shoes, enhances their performance and thereby customer appeal (source: "Technology," adidas Group).

Their collaborations with globally recognized figures and entities such as Kanye West (Yeezy), Alexander Wang, and major sports teams, also keep the brand relevant. Limited-edition collections like the "Yeezy" line have even created a cult-like following amongst consumers, further solidifying Adidas's position as a market leader (source: "All About Yeezy," Forbes).

Sustainability is also at the forefront of Adidas’s mission, intending to use only recycled polyester in all their products and applications where a solution exists by 2024. This commitment to responsibility resonates with the modern consumer, increasing its appeal especially amongst environmentally conscious individuals and contributing further to its sustained popularity (source: "Sustainability," adidas Group).

Lastly, in terms of digital presence, the brand's English-language Instagram page alone accounts for over 25 million followers, signifying a strong online influence and ongoing popularity. High follower count and engagement rates testify to their successful social media strategies, which encompass celebrity partnerships, user-generated content, and brand-driven campaigns (source: "Adidas," Instagram).

Therefore, whether gauged through financial results, product innovation, brand partnerships and collaborations, sustainable practices, or digital footprint, it can be deduced that Adidas still maintains a firm hold on its popularity, thriving as a highly sought-after brand worldwide.


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This detailed answer provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, offering in-depth insights and supporting evidence. It suitable for creating long-form content, blog posts, or articles that require a thorough exploration of the subject matter.

Practical Applications and Impact of Google People Also Ask

With our tool, you can input relevant keywords and instantly receive a list of pertinent questions. Select any question, and our tool will provide related queries, helping you to understand the broader context of audience interests. Then, use our AI-assisted answering feature to create content that addresses these questions directly, either through quick responses for a FAQ section or detailed paragraphs for a comprehensive blog post.

The integration of these features not only makes content creation more efficient but also ensures that the content you produce is aligned with real-time user interests and queries.

Future Developments

As we continue to refine and expand our People Also Ask tool, we remain committed to empowering SEO professionals and content creators. We believe these new features will be instrumental in helping you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of digital marketing and SEO. Try them out and experience a more efficient, effective way to create content that resonates with your audience.