November 2, 2023

Introducing V3: A Leap Forward in Keyword Research


Over the past few weeks, our team has been diligently refining our algorithm. Our goal? To broaden the spectrum of terms and significantly amplify the volume of keywords available to our users. We're thrilled to unveil three pivotal enhancements that have transformed V3, setting it leagues ahead of its predecessor. Architecture Diagram Architecture Diagram

Spotlight on V3 Features:

  • Augmented Data Precision: Our algorithm's prowess in keyword detection has been markedly elevated. We've broadened our keyword spectrum, ensuring a meticulous examination of all possible variables to consistently deliver peak results for every query.

  • Expanded Keyword List Capacity: Previously, users were restricted to a 1000-keyword list. We've now extended this ceiling, facilitating the provision of an even richer array of keywords. While some might be long-tailed and occasionally elusive, for high-volume terms, the enhancements are substantial.

  • Multilingual AI Support: Our AI-driven layer, which previously operated exclusively in English, now adapts to the selected language. This multi-lingual support ensures a more diverse and voluminous collection of keywords in the chosen language.

We Value Your Insights

Your invaluable feedback was instrumental in sculpting V3. We eagerly await your impressions on our newest iteration. Dive in, acquaint yourself with its myriad features, and share your experience with us.

Here's to revolutionizing keyword research!

Warm regards,